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Found 1998 on Dar al Gani plateau by R. & R. Pelisson

Classified by A. Sexton
Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute
Open University, UK

Preserved mass
30 g. Open University
604 g. SaharaMet, R. & R. Pelisson


L6 chondrite
Sahara - Libya

Dar al Gani 637 comes from a multiple fall. With a single mass of 1149g, DaG 637 is the main individual meteorite of the fall.

slice 105, 47 grams

Meteorites seldom land intact. Often the original fireball bursts into fragments when it enters the atmosphere, catapulting its pieces along similar trajectories that hit the soil in an extended area termed the ellipse of fall. Precise location information on each find thus helps pin down the fall trajectory, making future prospecting work all that much easier.

Each random find or fall location in the desert becomes a point of departure for a more localized, focused and specific search. Dar al Gani 637, the first find on this part of the plateau, was the starting point leading to the following discoveries.

meteorite fall, ellipse L chondrite

The fall ellipse of this L chondrite extends at less on 15 km west to east. Among the meteorites recovered in this area, eight chondrites exhibit characteristics similiar to DAG 637

All of the above meteorites are most probably paired specimens. Fayalite and forsterite percentage are very close. To the unaided eye, polished sections show the same characteristics. Petrologic type, which is still subject to human interpretation, varies in range from 4 to 6 depending on the thin section sampled and studied.

Dar al Gani 957, L4 chondrite
  • Dar al Gani 637
  • Dar al Gani 642
  • Dar al Gani 842
  • Dar al Gani 855
  • Dar al Gani 957
  • Dar al Gani 961
  • Dar al Gani 966
  • Dar al Gani 967
  • Dar al Gani 970
Dar al Gani 642, L6 chondrite
Dar al Gani 966, L4 chondrite
Meteorite Dar al Gani 961, L5 chondrite


paired individuals

Dar al Gani 842, L6 chondrite
Dar al Gani 967, L5 chondrite Meteorite Dar al Gani 970, L5 chondrite Dar al Gani 855, L5 chondrite

Meteorite Dar al Gani 637

full section
Slice 103, 25 grams

Typical structure of an ordinary L chondrite composed of olivine and hypersthene (magnesium iron silicate). Within, some chondrules, metallic iron and troilite (FeS) inclusions are found embedded within a light colored matrix.

olivine hypersthene chondrite

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reference card Dar al Gani 637
Block 106 71 grams 248 EUR
Slice 105 47 grams N/A
Slice 104 37 grams 129 EUR
Slice 103 25 grams N/A
Slice 102 23 grams 80 EUR
Slice 101 20 grams 70 EUR

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