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Found 1999 on Dar al Gani plateau by R. & R. Pelisson

Classified by Paul P. Sipiera
Planetary Studies Foundation, USA

Preserved mass
19 g. Planetary Studies Foundation
229 g. SaharaMet, R. & R. Pelisson


H3 chondrite
Sahara - Libya

"In appearance DaG 862 resembles the L3.5 chondrite Ragland, New Mexico, especially in the number of chondrules seen in a cut section. Mineralogically, olivine compositions have a wide range from Fa 0.33 to 32.29, as do the pyroxenes that range from Fs 1.09 to 32.21"
(Extract from Meteoritics And Planetary Science, Vol.36, N°9, A190)

Such important variation in olivines and pyroxenes give an unequilibrated status to Dar al Gani 862. Unequilibrated chondrites show a low metamorphism, from 400° to 500° C, allowing the study of the first solids to have formed in the solar nebula, the clumping together of chondrules and interstellar dust which have taken place 4.56 billion years ago.

slice 111, 3.7 grams

In situ photo of Dar al Gani 862, this H3 chondrite was recovered during a 1999 systematic search for meteorites in the Dar al Gani region. The recovery area is a calcareous plateau located in central Libya west of the 1200m Haruj al Aswad volcanic massif.

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slice 109, 2.9 grams, 174 euros, please email for ordering details meteorite hunting surface
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meteorite slice -  high definition
Dar al Gani plateau
Dar al Gani plateau
slice 110, 3.3 grams, 198 euros, please email for ordering details
small erg

The Dar al Gani plateau is a meteorite preserving area. The Dar al Gani plateau has, from 1995 to 2000, been one of the most important fields for meteoritic discoveries, especially in areas where wind ablation is strongest.

The 2100 Km2 of the central and southern plateau statistically yield one meteorite per 3.3 Km2. This averages out to 152 grams/Km2 of meteoritic material.

Under the action of the sandy wind the fusion crust is lacking. The chondrules are well visible on the exposed face of this H3 chondrite.

H3 chondrite, Dar al Gani 862

H chondrites contain non-visible iron (mostly in iron silicates like olivine and pyroxene) and metallic iron. Many metal flakes (in white) are scattered throughout the matrix between the numerous chondrules.

Unequilibrated type 3 chondrites can show tiny metal droplets inside or around particular original chondrules.

oued in Sahara

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reference card Dar al Gani 862
Part slice 111 3.7 grams N/A
Part slice 110 3.3 grams 198 €
Part slice 109 2.9 grams 174 €
Part slice 108 2.7 grams 162 €
Part slice 107 2.5 grams 150 €
Part slice 106 1.8 grams 108 €
Part slice 104 1.2 grams 72 €
Part slice 103 0.9 grams 54 €
Part slice 102 0.8 grams 48 €
End cut 100 1.0 gram 60 €

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